beyonce isn’t femme

that guy with a moustache and some poorly applied lipstick on isn’t femme

that straight girl whose cute selfie you reblogged isn’t femme even if she is wearing glitter

lady gaga isn’t femme

that 10-year-old girl in the news who did something cool isn’t femme

that fatshion blogger who has a boyfriend isn’t femme

femme doesn’t just mean “cute and badass and feminine” so please stop

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That is the most punk thing I’ve seen all day

humpty dumpty fell off the pUNK ASS WALL

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Michael Dunn was rightfully found guilty today for the murder of Jordan Davis and his face way all


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fuck the sex abuse industry, fuck queer theory, fuck pro-gender activism, fuck capitalism, fuck “sex positivity”, fuck celebrity culture and fuck everything else that has turned modern feminism into weak slop

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Protesters are angry about these strange negotiations to release protesters. What kind of practice is this?

September 28th

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Tassel hyancinth, 1889, Vincent van Gogh



no war but the skeleton class war

the skeletariat will overthrow the bonegeoise 

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A masks from the estate of James Ensor, exhibition at the Gemeente Museum, The Hague.


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*opens inspect element on a webpage* Ive accessed the mainframe

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Fuck the Military


I don’t understand radfems who defend military people and go on the attack at people who express their (rightful) hatred of soliders. I just saw a bunch of “radfems” go off on someone who said they have no sympathy for soliders who got PTSD from killing innocent people. And they had the gall to say its classist to hate on the military. Fuck yall. Military occupation is something us western crybabies will NEVER experience. Most you defending soliders have probably never interacted with a solider. Cuz if you did, you would know how sadistic they are and how proud they are to kill and torture brown people. I’ve lived around the US military all my life and I can say without a doubt that 90% of soliders are PROUD to kill. They get so excited when they’re sent downrange cuz then they get to “see some action”. “Proud to serve my country” is code for proud to kill and be a part of the destruction of those “uncivilized countries” (this is what soliders think about the countries they invade). So don’t give me that shit about them not wanting to really do it or its their only way to survive. If they were only in to survive, they wouldn’t be shoving their patriotic bullshit down our throats all the time. If they didn’t really want to be a part of the imperialist machine, then they wouldn’t be begging to get stationed in Asian countries cuz they’re the best bases to party (meaning: rape and destroy). TLDR; if you support and defend the individuals who actively uphold the western military industrial complex, you’re delusional and a waste of sentience. Those who call themselves feminists yet refuse to hold soliders (murderers and rapists) accountable for their actions should be ashamed. Your feminism doesn’t give a fuck about the global majority, its only caters to western women.

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